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    Firmware upgrades and FPs and OS versions


    Apologies if I'm repeating old questions. It might be useful to make a sticky post with this info.

    1/ When new versions of firmware are released how do we install them? Do we install them or are the phones frozen?

    2/ My phone (3230) is listed as having:

    S60, Platform 2.0, 2nd Edition, FP 1.
    OS 7.0s

    Will a firmware upgrade ever bring my phone up to FP 2 or FP 3? Or are the FP 2 and FP 3 feature hw-dependent?

    The 3230 seems to have some features beyond FP1.

    My firmware appears current - 3.0505.2 RM-51.


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    Firmware updates never upgrade the Symbian OS or Series 60 versions. For the lifetime of the phone they remain the same.

    At least today, firmware updates are not meant to be user-installable, but to be done by authorized Nokia service centers.

    The Series 60 release functionality of a specific version that the phone is based on is just the starting point for device manufacturers, who can decide to add things to it as they wish (or for some things they can also remove functionality, if they so wish).

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