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    Need help Encode VCard to send

    I had found many types of sending the Vcard 1) as XML file 2) Hex Dump
    In hex dump.I would like to know what are all the properties have been supported by the Nokia Smart Messaging Cell Phones.(ie) is It Accept Photos with the VCard.Please Let me know.I am the developer in java for sending the Vcard through GSM modem /SMPP .I would like to know how to Encode the Things and what are all can be accepted by the Cell Phone.

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    RE: Need help Encode VCard to send

    Nokia 9210 supports Name, Photo, Birthday, Delivery address, Telephone number, Email, Title, Organisation, Revision and URL, Photo
    VCard version 2.1. Nokia 7650 supports also Note. Other Nokia
    phonemodels support a much more basic version of Vcard.
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