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    Exclamation Security code bug on 6230!

    I bought this 6230 some weeks ago, and I changed security code many times but didin't have any good so I set it back to 12345.

    Now, today I wanted to have password protected keylock activated so I changed it from settings, it asked the code, I entered 12345, accepted it and went to the main menu and locked it, now I tried opening it with the code 12345 but it says "Code error".

    But the code must be 12345 because settings accepted it.
    Now i have tried every code I know... Nothing but code error.

    This is some serious bug in this phone!

    What can I do??? i really need the phone... I know how to restore security code with bluetooth but the problem is that I have bluetooth set off.

    Please I really need help!

    V 04.44

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    If you press the wrong code several times it might lock the phone. Maybe you should try to restore factory settings (if the phone accepts 12345) with *#7370#.

    Otherwise I think you need to take the phone to a servicepoint so they can put in a new software in the phone which will restore security code back to 12345.

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