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    midp os x and npkia 6230

    hello list,

    forgive me if it was discussed before or it`s off topic,

    i wanted to setup environment for developing midlets
    on os 10.3, i was following the Michael Powers article,
    and i got successful compilation with ant and it works
    with emulator,

    then i tried to run it from my nokia 6230 without any success,

    is development for this device possible with mac os x at all?

    any advice would be appreciated,
    also if it`s wrong place to post this kind
    of question i`d be grateful for directing my somewhere else.

    many thanks,
    wojciech kosma

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    Hi wojciech kosma!! Welcome to Nokia Developer Portal !!

    I could not Under stand how u made the JAR/JAD files in mac OS..
    But IMHO Nokia developer suite does not support Mac OS. It supports only windows and Linux

    Any way Please check the entries in JAD/MF files.
    Also what error are you getting?


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