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    Unhappy Geting user agent


    I'm with dificult to find the API to get the string "user agent". Is the same that are present in a header of HTTP code, when you use the browser. I need to send the user agent to identify the mobile in a server. I tried to take a look in commdb but I can't figure out.


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    You want to get/read it in an app on the phone? What for?

    Usually it is only needed on the web/WAP server side and the web/WAP server gets it automagically in the HTTP_USER_AGENT header string when the phone connects.

    If you just want to know what it is for your phone, see what your web/WAP server logs or a CGI script receives.

    You can also look into UAprof for more device details: See for starters http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/uaprof_list.txt and look in the actual files referred to there (same location, e.g., http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/N6680r100.xml).

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