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Thread: Learning path

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    Learning path

    hello every body, would you read my life story ?

    My bozz ask me to develop some 'auto run background process to trap and notify user if a blue tooth message is coming' mobile application.

    I never create mobile app before, but I familiar enough with C++ in general (not MFC or gcc specific or else)

    I have Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed, Perl 5.8 (ActivePerl) and Nokia Series 60 SDK version 2.1 installed on my C: drive of my lovely Windows XP PC.

    Tradionally, I just looking for HelloWorld sample and find it inside Series60Ex folder -> HelloWorldBasic

    bldmake bldfiles -> abld build wins udeb -> sucess, so I can cheer myself for my first mobile app
    then, abld build thumb urel -> then makesis HelloWorldBasic.pkg. Send HelloWorld.sis via infra red into my Nokia 6600 and.. voila.. I have been a mobile appplication developer!

    Then, I am stuck and loss my way. I think I must try to implement some background application then to learn how to auto run app and then search how to trap blue tooh message. is it correct ?

    would any body here gimme a lightening ? Off course, I only able to thank you for your help, my good 'karma' always with you...



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    You could start by buying (or borrowing) and reading this book:

    See also the additional examples elsewhere on http://forum.nokia.com and http://www.symbian.com/developer

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    This is really a VERY GOOD book.

    I learned a lot from there :-)

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    Re: Learning path

    But still I think the chapter 4 of this book is not presented in best form as its really confusing.

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