The oggvorbis plugin ( installs fine on a Nokia 9500, but unfortunately, it gives an error in MediaPlayer after an .ogg file is played.

I managed to compile and install the plugin on my 9500. Unfortunately after a recompile for S80, it still show the same error message after successfully playing the file.

I traced through the entire plugin (on the phone using the built-in logging), but I cannot find anything wrong. The message at the end of the playback is not displayed by the plugin, but by the MediaPlayer application on the 9500.

Maybe it's a bug in the MediaPlayer applciation, but since I don't have access to the source code of this application, that's impossible for me to verify. At least I found that every function that is called in the Plugin completes successfully.

According to the developer is has been developed on version 7.0s of Symbian OS, but this is exactly the platform on which the error message occurs. Anyone can shed any light on this?