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    difference between Binary header and //SCKL header


    I tried to send ringtone data through JAVAMail API or OutlookExpress.
    And I still have failed to send it. However, I can upload same ringtone through my operator free SMS sending center. My operator is Rogers AT&T in Canada.

    And I realized that Nokia recommend to use Binary Header rather than SCKL Header.

    My question is:
    (1) Can I use binary header even in OutlookExpress or JavaMail?
    I tried, but I don't know how.
    (2) So does Binary header imply to use PUD mode with AT modem?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    RE: difference between Binary header and //SCKL header

    1)I don't think that you can use mail to deliver smart messages.
    2)It is easiest to use data shown as hex when dealing with binary
    data. In PDU-mode data is always shown as hex, but also Text-mode
    has user-data shown as hex when 8 or 16-bit data-coding scheme is
    In PDU-mode you can see the whole SMS as it is delivered in the
    GSM-network. Both AT-command modes can be used to make
    smart messages.
    M, Forum Nokia

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