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    Wink Nokia 7710 and 3gp screen size

    Hi there,

    Like many on this forum I am new to the development of Symbian OS software...please excuse me if this has been covered before.

    Can anyone tell me if the video screen size for 3gp or mp4 formats that are played back using the pre-installed RealOne player can be anything other than the 176x144 QCIF standard?

    The rm format allows for the correct aspect ratio of video (i.e. 16:9) to fill the widescreen of the 7710 but 3gp and mp4 appears to be limited to the standard screen format.

    What is the considered opinion of forum members for the scope of developing a Symbian OS player that will give the end user more flexibility in how they view 3gp and mp4 widescreen videos on the 7710?

    ...or am I just barking up the wrong tree and the phone is already capable of such functionality? ;-)

    Thanks in advance,

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    There's at least this video player that can use more of the screen on the 7710: http://www.lonelycatgames.com/mobile...martmovie.html

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    Thanks, I have looked at both Smartmovie and another piece of software called Mobile Movie Maker. Both only seem to support avi files. These are great in their own right but I find the 7710 falls over on anything other than the lowest of settings.

    Discussing this with a few firends of mine who already own the 7710, we all agreed that with regards to playing video on a hand held device, we have already sacrificed picture quality and so would rather make sure that we had the best sound experience possible to make up for the perceived loss of image size and frame rate.

    The avi movie makers are great for allowing the end user to choose stereo sound encoding but the 7710 often falls over and stutters with this option due to the processing power needed. However, by comparison 3gp (QCIF standard) resolve a decent quality image with full stereo sound without any difficulty on the 7710, and hence my wish to push the 3gp format further to see if full 16:9 could be rendered on the phone without having to resort to letterboxing.

    It's also worth noting that real video 8 files can be made to display full 16:9 with stereo sound without problems and a piece of software called Deset Pocket Movie Symbian does this quite nicely, but the resulting files are quite large and my personal preference for the rm format doesn't endear me to it.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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    PVAuthor lets you make videos of different resolutions and quality that work on the 7710 real player.

    It's available from Packet Video http://www.packetvideo.com

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