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    Question Accessing Phone Memory and Memory Card

    Hi all,
    I am currently developing on the Platform 60 SDK 2.0 FP2 in C++.
    I am porting an application originally developed for Windows that allocates at run time a lot of global memory.
    Because a NOKIA application cannot have global data not constant I embedded this application in an EXE (a server).
    Is it possible this EXE allocate this global data in a Memory Card instead of the Phone Memory ???
    If it is possible which are the APIs to use ???

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    Firstly you need to remember that RAM memory is not same as disk space. So no RAM allocations in MMC, since it is just a disk.

    Anyway for Glonbal RAM allocations, look RChunk class. And if you want to make data storage in disk, see RFile, or stores SDK documentations for more information.


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