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    some questions about ringtone

    I have some questions about ringtone, hope someone can help me.
    1, when converting a midi file to RTTTL format, which code in midi file represents the "p" ( pause ) in RTTTL? I found a table about the notes, but can't find anything about "p".
    2, When converting a RTTTL to nokia format ( binary ), I found most of the ringtone need 2 or 3 SMS, is that correct? Since someone told me that 1 SMS is enough for a ringtone for most of the cases. So I am wondering if there is any way to send every ringtone with only 1 SMS.

    Hope someone can help me, Thanks a lot!


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    RE: some questions about ringtone


    Smart messaging specification v. 3.0 gives you a required information, Pause coding value can be found from page 3-23. There is also a example how to send a ring tone.

    Number of required SMS messages is depending of the length of your RTTTL data.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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