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    HelloWorld App won't start on phone, works in emulator

    I'm compiling an extremely simple HelloMIDlet app which runs fine in the emulator, but when I try it on several different Nokia models all it does is briefly act like it will start (The screen blanks and you see the HelloMIDlet title briefly) but then crashes with no error message displayed. However sometimes the system still thinks it is running and I have to reboot the phone to reinstall another jar file.

    How do I diagnose this? Is there a java console available somewhere on the nokia phones? I've tried this from two different development machines and get the same results.

    I am bluetoothing the jar file to the phones, if that matters. I am not sending the jad files, but that never mattered before (I used to have a different development box which did produce code that worked on the same phone where the same code is failing now. Unfortunately the development box has been nuked.).

    I am compiling with WTK2.1 using the midpapi10.jar and cldcapi10.jar and attempting to run on a Nokia 6600 (also Nokia 7710)

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    Some advice

    The problem is simple. To solve it -

    1. Download the latest J2ME wireless toolkit from the Sun.
    2. Install it propelly
    3. Fulfill the simplest example HelloWorld from their tutorial
    4. Just bluetooth you jar file from HelloWorld bin directory
    5. Accept on your 6600 this jar and install it
    6. Run your application
    7. Go with improvements of your application further

    I think that everything should works OK


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    But that's what I did...

    Seriously, you just described exactly what I did (I also tried this with WTK2.2, I just went back to WTK2.1 because I know it worked before on my old system).

    Which is why I'm so frustrated. It breaks down at step 6 when the application doesn't really run.

    I'll start over again though. I guess there's no reason -not- to use WTK2.2 right? The 6600 will support it?

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    both 6600 and 7710 use midp 2.0 and cldc 1.0

    Try compiling with that?


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