Hi to all,
I'm trying to communicate with multiple sms (3 segments binary sms) between a motorola c650 and a nokia 3200.
I send a 256 characters binary message and I leave to the WMA API to handle the splitting and the fusion of the 3 segments. So When I send from the nokia 3200 and I receive on the same device, the message received is the same of the message sent; It is obtained the same positive result if I send the message from the motorola c650 and I receive it on the motorola c650, and if I send from the motorola and I receive it on the nokia 3200. But if I send It from the nokia 3200 and I receve it on the motorola c650 the message received is corrupted because it is absent the byte in position 127 and the so the next bytes are in the original position - 1.
What is this problem?
Thanks for any help