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    Bluetooth connection with PC

    Hi, All 8))

    I'm writing a simple program to exchange messages and sending files between PC and phone using Bluetooth Sockets. (on PC I'm using winsock API)

    Nokia's BTPointToPoint example couldn't establish connection with my PC program after I used my PC from list of devices.

    maybe connection depends from service parameters.
    If anybody have programmed bluetooth connection between PC and phone using Bluetooth sockets please help.

    What parameters of service should I use on PC and on the phone?
    If anybody have a opensourse example of such kind of program or some documents about this subject please mail to azumanga@mail.ru

    Great Thanks for helping 8)

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    Re: Bluetooth connection with PC


    I have encountered the same problem: I'm using a Nokia6680 which connects with other devices but not with my laptop!

    Can anyone help me? Thx a lot!

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