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    Question How to load a specific frame in a animated gif ?

    Hi everyone !

    I'm able to load a gif file using the CMdaImageFileToBitmapUtility::OpenL() and CMdaImageFileToBitmapUtility::ConvertL. But I don't know how to load a specific frame in a animated gif. With my code once I opened an animated gif the FrameCount() function tells me there is only 1 frame so a cannot specify the frame I want in ConvertL(*iTmpBitmap,FRAME_INDEX)). It only works with FRAME_INDEX=0. How can I load the next frames ? I whant my code to run on SDK 6.1 so I can't use CImageDecoder or other SDK 7 specifics. Thanks.

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    you could try CPAlbBitmap and GetAnimFrameWithMaskL() function of it. Anyway you need to read the frames from the beginning, one-by-one, untill you get to the one you want, see SDK docs for more information.


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