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    Question Multiple instances of Series-60 emulator do not communicate.

    hello friends,

    I am a student of compsc(final year) and developing a messaging app for series-60 platform.
    I am using j2me wirless toolkit 2.2 for app deve and using series-60 emulator
    for testing.

    my question:-default emulators provided with sun's WTK2.2 have phonenumbers assigned to them so that
    multiple instances of the emulator can communicate.how can i make instances of series-60
    emulator communicate as these instances do not start with a default phonenumber.
    please reply soon as we are unable to test our messaging app using the emulator.

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    Try to use the nokia connectivity framework full. It works great. You can make a diagram with phones and what app is running each phone, then you press play and it runs all the devices and assigns a phone number to each one.

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