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    Ringtone length.

    I created an application for generating nokia's ringtones and it seems that my nokia 6210 stop playing in the middle of the ringtone. I checked the encoded data and it is compatabile with nokia's specs , I also tried to split my stream and send it by using more than one sms. the result was the same. any idea what is the cause ? (my operator works with 7bit sms , can it effect my efforts for sending my ringtones ?).


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    RE: Ringtone length.

    The user-data-length when using 7 bit data is the amount of
    characters, which is larger than the amount of octets
    (7 octets -> 8 characters).
    Could the user-data-length in the message be too short?
    What is the data coding scheme you are using, if the operator does not
    recognize it that might cause some troubles.
    Just some thoughts...
    M, Forum Nokia

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