Yeah it's me again...
A new problem for me is to invoke a class.
As accurately as possible, I want to build a new Array-class invoked from RArray. My new class shall be for example an array of TInt8. My standard-constructor gets the number of fields (as in every simple array).
My code in myArray.h:

#include <e32std.h>

class CmyArray : RArray<TInt8>
CmyArray(TInt32 aVar);
virtual ~CmyArray();
void Construct();

the code in myArray.cpp:

#include "myArray.h"

CmyArray::CmyArray(TInt32 aVar)
CmyArray iArray(aVar);
void CmyArray::Construct()

in my main:
CmyArray myArray(25);

The compiler doesn't like the line, where I give the myArray-object a value & says:
error C2248: '[]' : cannot access public member declared in class 'RArray<signed char>'
My question is, how to create a new class of array?
How to invoke generally?

I want to do that, because I need a three-dimensional array.

Best regards