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    RMS getSizeAvailable()

    Hello all,

    I am using nokia series 40 phones and using RMS for persistent storage. Now while I try to write data to the RMS, after some operations the application crashes and phone switches off temporarliy. It happens as the persistent storage for RMS gets exceeded.

    But before doing any operation, I check using getSizeAvailable() and the method still shows me data is available.

    A typical case is when getSizeAvailable shows 5-7kb is available but even then the RMS is not able to write data and the application crashes.

    It will be great if someone can point some solutions in this direction.



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    There's a bug in some Series 40s that causes this. It seems to happen when you add and delete records at random within the same record store.

    The fix is to create each record in a separate record store, and delete and re-create the entire record store each time you want to update the record.


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