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    Unhappy Touble with Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0,,,Pls help!!

    Can anyone please help me to install nokia PC suite for 6600 on my PC. It was working fine b4 but when I tried ot install something on to my fone using the suite, it got screwed.
    Now I have uninstalled and reinstalled Nokia Suite for almost 50 times(no kidding) from the CD ROM and the nokia sites(US, Europe, Asia, etc) still cant run it.
    When I install the Suite I see the Mrouter in my taskbar and it also gets connected with the phone, but when I open PC Suite it shows that the phone is not connceted. I dont know whatz going on and when I uninstall the PC Suite, the connection manager icon was still staying there in the Taskbar. It wass not going away. Somehow I got rid of it by deleting the file, but Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 was still showing it the add remove programs and when I tried to uninstall the program, it was not unistalling as the uninstall sheild was stopping in between the process.
    So I uninstalled it manually and got rid of it from the add/remove program box,then tried to install PC Suite again but I got the same problem i.e. PC Suite was not recoganizing the connection where as the Mrouter was showing that the phone(6600)is connected.(btw everytime I installed the Suite it didn't asked me to install the SDK)
    Then I downloaded the Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0 from this site(forum Nokia.com) and tried to install the SDK manually and got this message:
    Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the exsisting version of thsi product use Add/Remove program on the control panel.
    C\:Windows\Downloaded Installations\{887CA364-68B1-4FF9-9D6E-067CEF54E894}\Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0.msi

    Can anyone please tell what's going on and I dont have any clue what next to do. I did everything possible but all in vain. Now ther is no SDK in add/remove programs but I am still getting the above message. This is my last resort and my last cry.
    I was big fan of Nokia but now these problems are turning me away.

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    Try the Nokia Register Clean app:

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