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    S40 6230 Emulator and HTTP Proxy

    Stupid login system on forum nokia doesn't work properly; had to log in 7 times; [now it's 9], and lost the posting twice - and I did clear cookies and log in from scratch.... This time the message was in the clipboard

    Anyway, My PROBLEM: I just can't get the emulator to work through an HTTP proxy.

    Has anyone got this working?

    I can dev at home where I don't need a proxy - phone connects merrily to the internet (can download tones) even my own application works

    Just when I'm at the office, I need to go through a proxy (localhost:3129) and no luck, get IOException: Error in HTTP operation.

    Imagine my surprise when I tested it on the handset - works 100% :-|

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
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