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    How can I open a file on Nokia Comunicator using PJava?


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    RE: How can I open a file on Nokia Comunicator using PJava?


    To open a PJava file on Nokia Communicator you need to create an installation package. For making an installation package follow these four steps:
    1) Create a .pkg file (e.g., your_file.pkg) for your installation package
    2) Run command ?makesis your_file.pkg? at the command prompt to create your_file.sis.
    a) Make sure that Nokia 9200 Series SDK for Symbian OS is installed on your system
    b) Your response should look like:
    C:> makesis your_file.pkg
    C:> Processing your_file.pkg...
    C:> Created your_file.SIS
    3) Transfer your_file.sis to the device via infrared or through the data cable, if available.
    4) Locate your_file.sis on the device and run it to install your application.

    Make sure Java.sis is installed on your communicator for Java apps to run.


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