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    Series 60 Development Kit

    Trying to find out if this development kit is available:

    Tried the metrowerks website but the link to it doesn't seem to be active anymore.

    Anyone got this or know where to get it?

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    I don't believe that that package is available any more; both the CodeWarrior version (2.0) and the phone (Nokia 3650) in it are old and outdated nowadays.

    CodeWarrior is at 3.0 (with 2.5 and 2.8 in between).

    The 3650 was based on Symbian OS 6.1 and Series 60 1.2 when most current phones use Symbian OS 7.0s or Symbian OS 8.0a with Series 60 2.1/2.6 (Series 60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2) and Series 60 2.8 (Feature Pack 3) just around the corner and also Symbian OS 9.1/Series 60 3rd Edition (3.0) soon after that.

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