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Thread: Card Phone 1.0

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    Card Phone 1.0

    Well, I have a couple NCP1 And would like to use them

    When I read this forum I get afraid. Doesn't Nokia want to keep their customers, or did I misunderstood ?

    First I read that Nokia do not support XP, then I read that There will be no further development on cardphone 1.0 ( I can understand that) But atleast post the drivers that are availbe ?

    I also read that Nokia Cardphone 2.0 does _not_ support digital audio via PCMCIA ? if that is the case I have to use the cardphone 1.0 sine I am useing it for voice software.

    I really need all availible drivers for Nokia Cardphone 1.0 all OSes win98, 2k, Linux, NT u name it.

    Van anyone help me ? Please send me a email to develop@party.pp.se

    /Thanks... Mike, Sweden

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    RE: Card Phone 1.0


    As Nokia Card Phone 1.0 production and sales ended years ago there is no development anymore done for this product. You can use both Nokia Card Phone 1.0 and 2.0 as a standard PCMCIA modem in Windows XP enviroment and use AT-commands for controlling the phone. Nokia Card Phone 2.0 supports voice calls, however it has headset for this purpose available and it does not use PC's audio capabilities.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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    RE: Card Phone 1.0

    For Win95/98, WinCE, Linux and DOS, the drivers are here:


    Thanks to Redreku, who kindly posted the link to me.
    I managed to find WinNT drivers as well. Can email them to you if required.


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