I'm a Java developer just beginning in the wireless realm. I have a new 9290 and I'd like to write a little weather program, similar to the one I have on my desktop from www.weatherbug.com. Basically, you input your zip code and it delivers forecasts and severe weather alerts.

So obviously there has to be a source for the weather information -- in the US, say, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Then you have to obtain the data and format it for the 9290's screen.

This is my idea but I am quite clueless as to where to begin. Would this be a WWW thing? Or a WAP thing? Or a little client-side program that would "poll" the data source whenever it was invoked?

I'd welcome suggestions about where to begin looking for how-to information. (I don't even know what key words to search for.) Anyone?