I have been writing a J2ME application for self use and deploying the same on Nokia 3100 with the help of "Nokia Developer's Suite for J2ME (stand alone). I use an RMS database as well which has important data.

With the evolution of the application code I need to keep making changes and redploy the application back to the mobile. It used to work perfectly with only updated Jar package replacing the original application keeping the RMS database and data on the mobile intact (The RMS db was not overwriting the one on the mobile).

However, I don't know what exectly happened, now the updated application deployes as an altogether different application with the duplicate name. It carries the old RMS database on the PC (quite old from data perspective).

Acutally, I want to deploy only the new classes on the existing application using the RMS database only. It has lot of useful records.

Please help me resolving the issue.