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    Menu Options


    I think this is a very simple question. But on Nokia phones when I add soft key menu options, they all get cramped in together under "Option". Why is that?

    On one screen I want to menu options "Delete" and "OK". Ideally I want each soft key to be one of these options. Instead they are both found under Options

    Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

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    Hi I have the same problem! I read, that you can set them inside or outside the optionlist by choosing priorities but I haven't found a Documentation which discribes it explicit. I also do not know how many priorities excist. In my case the Commands are displayed in an other order in the Emulator than in the real phone.

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    afaik, this is up to the phone implementation. Can't use j2me to decide where the keys go.

    If you need to do it such, you can try using canvas to paint it and handling the command manually there.

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