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    Nokia Audio Suite 2.0<1.1

    Well, after testing Audio Suite 2.0 for a few days I had to conclude that for general sp-midi polytones generation, version 1.1 is superior to its predecessor 2.0.

    In 2.0 you have to export the midi from cubase, then IMPORT it to the vst in order to set the MIP and then export the SP-Midi from the vst.

    In 1.1 you could export the midi from cubase and then save the MIP value from the VST to the already exported midi.

    The kind of double-work that is neccessary in 2.0 is inconvenient and I'm turning back to 1.1

    I'm writing this as constructive feedback in sincere hope that future Audio Suite versions will again allow me to save the MIP values to the already exported midi file.

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    Re: Nokia Audio Suite 2.0<1.1

    Hi djthunderbird! I know it's too late to expect a response but if you are reading this,could you please help me find the serial key for audio suite 1.1.I just dont seem to find it anywhere.I've been using v 2.0 for quite sometime now and I thought it's simply time-consuming, not too happy with it so would like to try v 1.1 instead!
    Thankyou buddy.

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