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    nokiaUI sound problem with MIDP 1.0 on Ngage

    Hi Folks,
    Im really stuck at this:
    I have developped a game completely in MIDP 1.0. Now I want to have all these nice feats of the Nokia UI. I downloaded
    the Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0
    to compile and test my application.
    FullScreen is working fine on my Ngage Phone and on all the emulators.
    When I try to use Sound,( just started with playing a tone. (Sound play( freq, duration )))
    it does work on the emulator, i can hear a nice beep. BUT it DOES NOT work on the Ngage phone. Though the play function is called, i cant hear the sound.
    In other apps the sound does work so it is not because the Sound is Off.
    Does anyone have an idea about whats going on ? Im implementing the sound just like its shown in the Tones Documentation from forum nokia:

    This method is used to load a toneplayer
    The TonePlayer is just an empty dummy
    NokiaTonePlayer is a subClass of toneplayer which ueses the NOKIA UI .
    and has a "Sound" variable, played via
    public static TonePlayer makeTonePlayer(){

    TonePlayer player;

    try {

    // This statement throws an exception if no Nokia UI API available


    // If we get here, Nokia UI API is available, so we can safely
    // create a player that uses it. But we use Class.forName rather
    // than 'new' so that there is no link dependency.

    Class clas = Class.forName("scim.bd.NokiaTonePlayer");

    player = (TonePlayer)(clas.newInstance());

    using = "Nokia";

    }catch (Exception e) {

    // If no Nokia UI API, then create a dummy tone player
    player = new TonePlayer();

    using = "default";


    return player;
    In my game the nokia Player is actually used. ( using is always set to "Nokia" on both phone and emulators)
    But still i hear no beep on the Phone.
    Does anybody have an idea? or maybe a peace of functional code( I'm Using MIDP 1.0 )
    big thx in advance

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    im using this now for NGage and tones (loaded from OTT files) and works fine even with multiple sounds,
    check the sound.init() function, thats what i believe you are missing:

    import java.io.*;
    import com.nokia.mid.sound.*;
    import java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream;
    import java.io.InputStream;

    class SoundEffects
    private static SoundEffects instance;
    private MainCanvas pParent;

    private Thread dThread; // Use a thread with the media player
    private boolean disMTime, interrupted;
    private String mtime;

    private Sound sound = null;
    int nloop = 1;
    byte[] mBuf;

    public SoundEffects(MainCanvas p, String file)
    pParent = p;

    void Stop()
    void close()
    if( sound != null )
    void setLoopCount(int loopcount)
    nloop = loopcount;
    void startGenericSound()
    sound.init(mBuf, Sound.FORMAT_TONE);
    catch (Exception e) {e.printStackTrace();}


    void setVolume(int volume)
    volume = (((255<<8)/100)*volume);

    private void createPlayer( String filename )
    int numbytes = 0;
    InputStream tune = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream(filename);
    tune = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream(filename);
    mBuf = new byte[numbytes];
    sound = new Sound(mBuf, Sound.FORMAT_TONE);

    catch( Exception e )

    public void ReplayIfStopped()
    int state = sound.getState();
    if( state == Sound.SOUND_STOPPED ||
    state == Sound.SOUND_UNINITIALIZED )

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