Hi Nokia-users & Developers at Nokia,

at first we want to mention we're very pleased with this phone.
on behalf of a dutch forum (http://gathering.tweakers.net) we want to present a list of bugs/shortcomings and improvement for this phone (nokia 6230i). The list is based on the experiences with version 3.30.

- when the mail is retrieved, the attachments are auto-downloaded. can you implement an option to make a choice wether the attachment is downloaded or not ?

- The sound doenst synchronises with the visuals when you play a movie. can this be fixed ?

- An option the fast-forward or rewind is missing in the Movie-player.

- Games/Apps designed for the nokia 6230 play only in 128x128. could the screen be stretched to 208x208 so the
image fits the whole screen ?

- In the file-option menu (delete,send, etc.) the option 'copy' is missing.

- The portrait displayed when the phone is ringing is displayed way to small. it should be displayed fullscreen.

- the clock displayed in energy-save-mode is displayed to small.

- when browsing large images (1280x1024) it takes a long time to create thumbnails. could the thumbnails be cached
? or browse without seeing the thumbnail ?

- When the Music-player loads, all audio-files are automaticly loaded. this can take a lot of time. it should be
better to have a choice wether to load all audio-files or not. (or a choice to load a playlist).

- a option to reserve more memory for the games/apps would be nice. (5 mb.)

- the option to choice which
alarm plays when an agenda-appointment starts is missing. it's also playing not very loud.

Could you tell me which improvements you are working on for the next update for the nokia 6230i ?

- The volume of the ringtone plays the first 4.7 sec. very low. Why ? Can this be fixed ?

If anyone finds other bugs, please report them in this thread. any help is welcome !

Thanks in Advance.