The Series 60 Developer Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 supports Huffmann Encoding/Decoding as a new feature according to the release notes. However, documentation seems very very limited, only header files are included with the SDK.

I would appreciate any code example that uses that feature of the new SDK or a link to some working code doing Huffman encoding/decoding on Symbian C++ code.

I have found that e32huffman.h, ezcompressor.h, ezlib.h and zlib.h might be relevant headers here, but e.g. in e32huffman I do not know what methods I should call and in what order. I also do not know what library to link against.

I have a file that is encoded with the Huffman algorithm and I have read that to a HBufC8 descriptor. Decoding the data in that descriptor is the problem. Should I first manually extract some header part of the file???

Many thanks for any help!