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    UDP Port for WAP Session

    WTP as defined in the WAP spec should use port 9201 for WAP session service (not secure or not using WTA). But I see for most WAP browser applications user defined UDP ports being used.

    When should user defined ports be used and when should the well-defined port 9201 be used for WAP Session service using WTP over UDP.


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    RE: UDP Port for WAP Session

    WAP spec defines the following WAP ports:
    9200 connectionless (temporary)
    9201 connection oriented (permanent)
    9202 connectionless secure
    9203 connection oriented secure

    When client-server connection is established, client connects to these four server ports. The port on the client side is not prescribed, it could be dynamic. For example 7110 phone's port 49998 connects to 9200 port of NACS. Or 6310 phone's port 6855 connects to port 9201 (exact phone's ports are just examples here)

    If you have NACS installed, you can turn log level to maximum (Debug-7) and check error.log and access.log for server core - they reveal from wich phone ports to wich server port connection established.

    Hope it helps.

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