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    Client/Server MTM for Unicode SMS

    Hi all,

    I have gone through many posts at SMS forum about Unicode support. I understand that to send SMS in different language need have Language pack installed in phone.

    Problem is, Nokia haven't yet released Phone set with support for my first language. Now is it possible for me to develop one application to give support for it. If so, what step I need to follow

    1. Develop Custom MTM client (using required Unicode font..)
    2. Develop Custom MTM server (do i need it? :confused)

    I know if i develop this application, only those phone set which have my application installed will be able to send/receive sms in my language.

    Thanks in advance,
    Shabbir Rahman

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    basically to send SMS messages with unicode strings, all you need to do is to set the character set to unicode. Then you also need to remember that SMS has 140 bytes of payload, so it means that you can put 70 unicode characters into it.

    The main problem is that if your languages character set is not supported by the phone, you would need to make your own font, and use it either in your own viewer/composer, or change the system font to use your definition. You might also need to implement FEP in system wide solution, so it could become quite tricky quite fast.


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    thanks yucca, I will make my own font and I want to load it dynamically during program execution. I don't want to make it available system wide. To this, do I need to use 'Open Font System', write rasterizer DLL...? I have to use FEP for KeyEvent/Keycode to my language character code mapping, am I right?


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