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    HTTP on Nokia 7650


    I tried to connect to servlet code using HTTPConnection in Nokia 7650.
    I got this exception when I tried to open InputStream (to obtain response)
    java.io.IOException Status = -20
    What is the meaning of this status code?
    This does not happen on emulator (MIDP60 series)

    Does anyone succeed in writing networked app on N7650?

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    RE: HTTP on Nokia 7650

    HttpConnection works fine(is fully functional) on the Nokia 7650. Try downloading "Coolaz Comics Nokia 7650 v.1.0.4" from http://www.midletcentral.com under the applications category. Futhermore all applications by this vendor targeted for the 7650 work with HttpConnections both with the old and new firmware.

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    RE: HTTP on Nokia 7650

    It does work, however, you need a few workarounds:
    - Thread *only* doing the networking (in particular, no access to
    - Set locale to english or use another Webserver that doesn't care
    about the phone sending "1,1" as HTTP version (Tomcat likes it,
    Apache does not)
    - Possibly, avoid domain names and use IP addresses instead... maybe
    DNS is also broken (not sure about this, though)

    Finally, you must make sure your configuration is set up correctly.
    Using WAP won't work, you need an internet profile instead. Use
    no gateway IP!

    You might try a little HTTP test I wrote, accessible from

    With that test, I made it work, and if it does not work, the
    problem is your configuration.

    Good luck!

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