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    [.NET] No C++ compilation message

    Hello, i have installed the Series 60 2nd Ed Pack 3 for .NET2003.

    Everything works fine, i produce sis and can exec them on a phone.

    However, when there is an error in my program, it doesn't display any compilation error, just than cl.exe failed :

    If i click on Regenerate full solution, i got the following result when everything is fine :
    Updating sytest.mmp based on Deb_S60_23_WINSCW
    Update of mmp file not needed
    WINS (emulator) build
    If i add an error in the code ( random typing for example ) and regenerate the solution, i have exactly the same result, and a task 'error result from cl.exe' , but absolutely no clue where in the code is the error. Is there any way to activate a verbose compilation ?

    I precise my .NET is in french.

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    At this time, the WINSCW compilation for Series 60 2 FP3 uses a different compiler from the standard Visual Studio C++ compiler. The errors from that compiler are only visible in the "Output" window of Visual Studio (naming in the English version, I am unsure what the corrsponding window would be called in the French version).

    In the English version, the output window is enabled in the menu: Views -> Other windows.

    The workaround for this problem is to use a configuration for some of the earlier SDKs to do initial compilation. Because the earlier SDKs do use the native Visual Studio C++ compiler, they produce the error output also into e.g. the Task list (again, sorry, do not know the French equivalent). This will enable you to easily diagnose all other compilation errors than those that are due to FP3 API differences. Once you have done that, switch back to the WINSCW configuration to compiler for the FP3 emulator.

    Hope this helps.

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