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    Question Necessary class for FEP

    I made FEP for S60 ver2.6 for Japanese.

    I used the following classes.
    - class CMyFep : public CCoeFep;
    - class CMyFep : public CCoeControl, public MCoeControlObserver, private MFormCustomObserver,
    private MFepInlineTextFormatRetriever, private MFepPointerEventHandlerDuringInlineEdit, private CCoeFep::MDeferredFunctionCall;

    But Contacts was stopped if it inputs charactor to Name field by my fep. I think that S60 for Japanese has automaticaly input system to reading field. But my fep dose not have that interface.

    Please teach interface that should be added to my fep.

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    have you checked the FEP example and its documentations available on this forumalready ?

    just read them through first, and then run your FEP in emulator, and see what happend when you open the contacts application in it.


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    I checked it by using Fep_Example_v1_0.zip.

    However, Contacts terminates abnormally when MCoeFepAwareTextEditor::CommitFepInlineEditL() is called.

    I think that A terminates abnormally because there is no I/F for A in B.

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