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    Post MIDlet Testing Community

    how about the idea of founding a MIDlet Testing Community? I mean, it is really annoying that if u want to be sure, that your game will run on the device "xyz" u got to pay a lot of money. So why don't we help each other?

    I mean it can be done with a kind of forum where u register which handsets u have to test the applications of other users. For offering this service u will be able to send the other users your MIDlets and they will be able to tell if it was running and if not where the problem was.
    I think u can make this service kinda comfortable if u create standard forms (checklists) where the users enter stuff like:

    Graphic Errors
    Runtime Speed
    Sound working?
    quality of sound?
    loading times
    any system crashs

    Well, I would be very very interested in founding such an community and I'd offer testing your apps on:

    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 7250

    Ciao, write back what u think about this idea

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    You should look into the beta testing service in getjar.com


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