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    audio file play problem

    I am having 2 audio files [player1.wav] & [player2.wav.]
    Both are playing,stopping & pausing {Play,Stop,Pause } successfully.
    But i am implementing the functions [SetPosition] & [GetPosition] from CMdaAudioPlayerUtility for forward & backward play of my files. Both forward & backward are running
    prpperly with player1.wav & not with player2.wav. I am not able to figure it out.
    But Is It due to the following properties for both the files:

    player1.wav player2.wav
    1] BitRate 1411kbps 88kbps

    2] Audio Sample 16 bit 8 bit

    3] Channels 2 stereo 1 mono

    4] Audio Sample 44khz 11khz

    5] Audio format PCM PCM.


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    Re: audio file play problem

    Hey I am also facing similiar kind of problem.

    But for me everything is fine for ".wav" file but its not working for MP3 file (in real phone) Have you find some solution for this problem?

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