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    Problem with Nokia 3220 and downloading applications using wap.

    Hi, I’m a beginner in J2ME. I have made some basic applications, and wanted to share them with my friends. So I created standard wml page with links to .jar files. And so the problem here begun…

    I have tested this page on devices like: Nokia 3100, 3300, 6020 and 6230, and it works fine. The downloaded .jar files are being saved into the Applications folders, BUT there is a problem with Nokia 3220 which I own.

    When I enter my page from this device and try to download, my phone is trying to download the .jar into the Gallery instead of Applications folder, which results in being unable to run the downloaded application.

    Can anyone help me?

    It is not a great problem, because I can always use a DKU-5 cable and MobiMB or PC Suite, but it makes me angry a bit

    I have been trying to get some clues by phone in Nokia help line in Poland (it’s where I live), but instead of helping me they tried to convince me that the problem lies within my apps. And even such a greenhorn like me knows that if there was something wrong with the applications I wrote, they wouldn’t work on other devices (mentioned by me earlier).

    Best regards, Marcin from Poland

    Ps. Sorry for my poor English

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    Which MIME headers is your web or WAP server configured to send for .jar files?

    Try these for starters:


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    very good

    this resolution worked perfect...

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