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    Getting started with bluetooth midlet

    Hi everybody

    I'm new to developing for mobile phones, so please bare with me if I ask stupid questions

    I want to develop a midlet for my Nokia 6230 that can control Winamp (ie change track, show title of song on display, change volume). I have already developed a plugin in Visual Basic for Winamp that works, so I've got that figured more or less.

    However, developing a midlet is unknown to me. I need to know where to get tools and tutorials for:
    - programming a midlet (this is not too hard)
    - using bluetooth in that midlet (this hasn't been easy to find)
    - using bluetooth in VB (this hasn't been easy to find)
    - (if possible) making a j2me mobile app and a pc VB app communicate via bluetooth.

    It seems to be a jungle of information, so in order to save me from reading tons of text, could anyone point me in the direction of something practical. For example tutorials that goes something like 'download this app from this location, install it and press button y and x to create a new project and write blah blah to make hello world work'.

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    not so easy :)

    You can use Netbeans 4.1 for the ide. You also have to dowload the netbeans mobility pack 4.1 By the way netbeans is tested on jsdk 1.4 , try not to use the 5 version. After all tou can start to work on mobile technology. You can download netbeans from http://www.netbeans.org . You should work on optional bluetooth package (JSR 72). There are many documents in the java community.

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