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    problem in 6225 nokia model


    i have developed a game in midp 1.0. According to my game i use navigation key(left,right,top and bottom keys) to move my object in left,right,top and bottom direction. i have tried installing this game in nokia 6610 model. the game and navigation in the game runs fine, but when i install the game in nokia 6225 model and run it. The game is running slowly and the navigation keys is not working properly i mean when i press left, sometimes object moves left ,where object head facing in the left direction and sometimes the object moves in same left direction but object head faces top direction. i have images of object whose head is facing in all the four direction and i use it according to what navigation key user presses. the same game running fine in nokia 6610 model without any problem.

    i am testing the game in nokia 7210 emulator.is there any seprate SDK and emulator which i need to install for Nokia 6225 model.if yes what is that SDK where will i get it and what is cause of my problem.


    thanx in advance.
    madhan kumar.

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    Re: problem in 6225 nokia model

    Unfortunately, there is no seperate SDK (as of yet). You could try to overcome this problem by adding in controls:
    Up = up softkey, 2
    Left = left softkey, 4
    Right = right softkey, 6
    Down = down softkey, 8

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