This problem has now bothered me a while and I should find the solution quickly as possible. So instant feedback is needed...

The problem:
I am working on a communication application that will have to modify and add a new records in to the CommDB tables. Everything works smoothly as normally, the

adding of new records, modifying and finaly removing... but this final step does not seems to be a permanent. If I use my application again to add a new record

the older record will also come back haunting. Even thought they are disabled it is pretty odd that the connections (that should be removed) are show on list.

CEDDUMP is used to get the content of the CommDB.

1. Am I missing here something? Is there a specified method that will actually perform the deleting of a record (like PutRecordChanges())?
2. Is this how the CommDB is actually designed to work? That it will not remove the actual record, but only disables them.

Code used: (pseudo code only)
<< create CCommsDatabase object >>

CEDDUMP field: