Hi all,
I am developing one application where on reception of call I will play some recorded audio from my application by muting default phone ringtone programmatically. I am using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility functionality for this. Every thing works fine when MSISDN in 6630 phone doen't got activated with CALLER RING BACK TONES(CRBT). When MSISDN is with CRBT the audio is getting played through microphone instead of speaker.
If instead of my application default phone application is taking call then audio is getting played through SPEAKER itself.

I tried to play audio with CMdaAudioRecorderUtility functionality. Then Also the same problem.

I tried with other series60 phones such as 6600, 6260. But they are ok though that MSISDN have CRBT

Now I have few questions.

1. What is the link between CRBT and phone call handling
2. What functionality is being used by phone to play ringtone
3. How to solve my above problem

I faced one more strange problem with NOKIA 3230

What i do is When call is recieved i will mute default ringtone. Next Will play my audio after that If i mute my audio surprisingly the ringing tone in line2 of profiles is getting played. I am facing this typical problem only in 3230 only.

Can some one pl. suggest me some solution .

I Am sorry for this much big posting.

Thanks in advance