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    series60 .3gp video bug(cropping)

    Hi, I'm playing a 3gp video on a 6620, and it plays. The problem is that about 10 pixels are being cut off the top and bottom of the video, and then the video is being 'scaled' back up to meet the original size (128x96). So, the end result is a slightly stretched, but really blocky/fuzzy/crappy video clip playing.

    I've tried this on a canvas, and on a Form, both have the same result.

    I'll note though, that I am NOT prefetch()ing my video, because if I do, it plays the entire video clip(not cropping) about 1/2 size inside a black square that the video "should" be filling. So, I'm only calling realize() before start().

    It's all very weird. If you guys have some ideas, I'd love to hear them, thanks a bunch in advance!


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    Exclamation Re: series60 .3gp video bug(cropping)

    This has gone unanswered for a long time. Does anyone know why video on a 6620 would be cropped and then scaled back up to the same size?

    This is not in the known issues for Video for the 6600 or the 6620.

    Would someone from Nokia at least acknowledge that this is a known issue? Any workaround would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: series60 .3gp video bug(cropping)

    Have you tested your midlet in other Feature Pack 1 such as 7610?


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