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    Post ImageConv for UIQ_21 Required

    Just brought CodeWarrior for Symbian with a view to developing a UIQ application. As I have never programmed for UIQ I thought I'd just start by familiarizing myself with the package by compiling and studying the examples. My app will use images so the ImageConv example seemed to be the go.
    Imaine my surprise when (1) the example on my distribution didn't compile; (2) reading forums elsewhere indicated that there is variability as to whether this program would actually be on a distribution (it was on mine because mine was a CodeWarrior distribution - as opposed to symbian ...); (3) I eventually found documentaion that says that some examples won't build - presumably included merely for reading in bed. Great! So how to find some example code that will help me get up to speed?

    It would appear thet the CodeWarrior package might be technically advanced but boy it sure doesn't give anyone a hand to get going. Just like the old days when one got some some software from somewhere that may well be fantastic but you just had to figure it out for yourself! Well that was fine in the old days when the software was free but lets face it time has moved on. If I'm paying for software I'd at least expect the examples to work for all targets.

    Anyone have a copy of Imageconv that has been tailored for UIQ_2.1 that they can help me get going with? Many thanks in advance.

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    The examples folder contains generic examples that are not necessarily working on any real SDK.

    In ImageConv example, you need to change the CEikNumberEditor to CQikNumberEditor, and in the resource file, EEikCtNumberEditor to EQikCtNumberEditor, and NUMBER_EDITOR to QIK_NUMBER_EDITOR. For this, you need to include qikon.rh to your rss file and qiknumbereditor.h to your source code files. Also add the qikctl.lib to the mmp file.

    Reimport the mmp file and build. When the app starts in the emulator, press F1 to get the menu visible; it is not there initially, as the app takes over the whole screen. This is possibly because the example relies on the generic and possibly older UI framework code. After this, you should get the example working.

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