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    How to - Dynamically update icons in List or Dialog


    Currently, I'm implementing a presence contact list using CAknMarkableListDialog. Each list item contains an icon which represents the contacts online or offline presence status and the contacts name. The problem is that once the dialog is displayed the icons are fixed regardless of incoming status change notifications. Its only when the dialog is dismissed and then redisplayed that the status changes will be reflected.

    I would like to be able to display a list or dialog in which I would be able to dynamically update the icon in any of the list items without tearing down and redisplaying the list / dialog.

    What would be the best approach?


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    Extend CAknMarkableListDialog and provide a getter method to access the protected ListBox() method of CAknMarkableListDialog.

    At the appropriate time, build up a new IconArray (containing new icon(s) to be displayed and do the following...

    // Add the icon array

    // refresh the view

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