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    Question Unable to open editor window - Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1

    I have recently installed:

    Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1
    Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0

    According to the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit User's Guide, the "New" option off the file menu should do the following:

    "Displays the Available Content Types dialog from which you can choose a content type for the file you wish to create. After you select the content type and choose OK, NMIT opens the
    appropriate editor, displaying a default template for the content type."

    However, I do not get an editor window regardless of the content type I choose. In other words, when I select a particular content type...nothing happens! I'm particularly interested in XHTML-MP.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    See other discussion threads about NMIT 4.1 editors not working with JRE 1.5.x. Try downgrading to the given system reqts of JRE 1.4.x


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