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    how to install/uninstall SIP application???

    Hi everybody,
    I'm using Symbian SDK 2.0 FP2 and SIP plugin 3.0 under emulator; I know that for SIP plugin 2.0 there are SipClientInstaller.exe and SipClientUninstaller.exe, but in
    ver 3.0 they aren't; I want to get to know how to CORRECT install/uninstull SIP application with plugin 3.0;

    PS: I'v got this question because on INVITE I receive DECLINE(603), and ruchaitu solved this problem with using SipClientInstaller.exe and SipClientUninstaller.exe

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    hi , pahmed

    In fact , i meet the same problem.. i solve it with "Nokia Sip Plug-in 3.0 Programmer's guide". it says
    "Implementing an ECom Plug-in. Series 60 SIP Stack uses Symbian ECom-framework to read application capabilities and to launch SIP applications. All the applications using the SIP stack must announce their capabilities by implementing an ECom-plugin. These plugins are monitored and used by the SIP stack. The application capabilities are described in the ECom-plugin’s resource-file using XML."
    That's the solution of this problem. I think ECom plug-in replaces the install/uninstaller in SIP former version.

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