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    I need Help in makesis

    I try to put Sreensaver Plugin (*.sc) into sis for S60 , but when i install the sis file in the 6600 phone it gives me message that (this application not compatable with this phone) when i select No it is installing completly ok and application is runing ok ....
    I need to avoid this kind of message !! what i should do when i create the sis file in this case ?

    If some one can tell to me it will be highly appreciated !

    thank you

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    I think you have to add Series 60 product ID to your .pkg file, for example the following line for Series 60 2.x.

    (0x101F7960), 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}

    There is a documentation in Forum Nokia that explains about Series 60 product ID (I forgot the URL... )


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