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    intresting log problem !

    hi all,
    m facing an intresting problem with the incoming call no.,
    in symbian 7.0 retreving no. from logs,
    as when i enter in the telephone no. field in the contacts information
    the result is perfectly fine, but when i miss out with the telephone no.
    field and enter the mobile no. field the result is absurd the no is the latest log
    entry but not the actual no. of the caller .
    else the result is always fine..
    is there any relation between logs and contacts.........?
    pls help..
    thanks in advance..

    here is the code i am using

    void Cincominglog::GetNumberL()
    //check if there is any request pending then it will cancel it
    //assign the recent event list
    if (iRecentView->SetRecentListL(KLogNullRecentList, iStatus))


    void Cincominglog::RunL()

    const CLogEvent& event = iRecentView->Event();
    if (event.EventType() == KLogCallEventTypeUid)




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    I think you posted this in the wrong forum...

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